About Us

Carla and Guil from Double Occupancy

Carla & Guil are two travel enthusiasts who left their professional lives behind to travel the world.

Together they created Double Occupancy as a platform to share their journey and inspire others to kick routine to the side.

In August 2017, Carla and Guil quit their jobs with a 6-month sabbatical in mind. They planned a route that includes two months of exploration in Europe before making their way to South America. The final leg of the trip will consist of sunbathing and island-hopping in Southeast Asia.

Carla is one of two family members born in the U.S.; the rest of her relatives are from Brazil. Guil, a native “carioca” from Rio de Janeiro, moved to Florida when he was 11. Both frequently traveled back and forth between Brazil and the U.S. growing up, so travel became an inherent part of their lives.

It took them 18 months to turn their crazy idea of traversing the globe into reality.

Before —

The couple previously lived together in Miami, but they plan to move to New York City when they return.

Carla was a full-time business journalist at a local newspaper, where she wrote about the real estate industry in South Florida. Guil spent two years working for a global freight-forwarding company before leaving the industry for our sabbatical.

Both welcome you to follow their journey — and if possible, meet them along the way! They hope to show you that breaking the routine is not only doable, but incredibly rewarding.