Carla & Guil are two travel enthusiasts breaking the 9-to-5 routine as much as they can.

Together they created Double Occupancy as a platform to share their mutual love of travel and to inspire others to break their own routines. Carla, a full-time journalist, was born in South Florida and her family is from Brazil. Guil was born in Rio de Janeiro and moved to Florida when he was 11. He now works with logistics in Miami, where you can find the couple exploring the city in between destinations.

Both frequently traveled back and forth between Brazil and the U.S. growing up, so travel became an inherent part of their lives. Today, they’re mastering the art of working a full-time job while living a life well-traveled. They plan to see the world together, one trip at a time.

You can follow it all here: Welcome to Double Occupancy. Let’s #breaktheroutine.