Entry #2: Goodbye Bahia; Hello Rio

Projeto Tomar, Praia do Forte

Currently flying from Salvador to Rio de Janeiro, a 3 a.m. flight that is sure to throw off our sleep schedule for the rest of the week.

I actually can’t remember the last time I pulled an all-nighter. I should be sleeping, but that’s nearly impossible for me on a plane. Guil, on the other hand, is knocked out in the seat next to me.

My weather app tells me it’s raining in Rio, so a lazy day awaits us when we arrive at 6 a.m. Nothing better than a grey, rainy day to soothe you to sleep after a sleepless night.

Instead, I’ll use this time to reflect back on our time in Salvador…

It was my first time visiting Bahia! Another state in my family’s home country that I can now say I’ve visited.

Guil’s aunt, uncle and his two cousins live in a beautiful home in a small, seaside town outside of Salvador, the capital of Bahia.

They welcomed us and our dirty backpacks with open arms; their kindness was the cherry on top of our New Year’s celebration. They gave us a city tour of Salvador, took us to a resort-town called Praia do Forte and cooked us a special churrasco (barbecue) on our last day.

At Praia do Forte we were able to visit a sea-turtle sanctuary called Projeto Tamar. The outdoor aquarium-like park faces the ocean and is home to a number of different turtle species.

That same day we experienced true comida Bahiana (Bahian cuisine), including moqueca de camarão, rice, farofa and pirão. No idea how to translate that into English but just know it was a delicious shrimp dish that I could probably eat every single day of my life.

Our last day in Bahia was another day of culinary delight: A poolside churrasco with Brazil’s famous picanha, a special cut of meat. We hung out by the pool, listened to good music and snacked on sausage, chicken heart, garlic bread and fine pieces of steak all afternoon.

Around midnight we headed to the airport to catch our 3 a.m. flight. I thought we’d be the only ones at the airport but it turns our that Salvador’s airport runs all night. There were domestic flights leaving every 15 minutes all night!

By the way, the reason we’re flying to Rio is to catch a cheaper flight over to Bolivia. Flights leaving from Salvador were extremely pricey. We’re saving about $200 by flying to Rio first.

We leave Jan. 10 to Bolivia, but we have a 12-hour layover in Sao Paulo. (The joys of traveling!)

I can now see the sun rising from the window across the isle. Maybe I can get a quick nap in before we touch down.


  1. Simon

    Happy New Year! Looking forward to your adventures, great pictures and masterful written accounts of your travels. Please keep up the great work!

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